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My Dream Home Checklist

I have always been a sucker for books about home design, a lot of times it is to find inspiration but deep down I know I have zero talent on designing a home. I always get overwhelm when I see all these ideas whether from books or Pinterest. I want them all so much that…

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To my 35 year old self

I always loved birthdays because it is a celebration of being alive and surviving life. Though now that I am older, I can say that my birthdays is no longer a celebration of me instead it’s a celebration for all the people who touched my life and made a difference in it. It’s no longer…

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Dear Mom, Go have fun!

I would be lying if I say that it’s so easy to leave my kids behind and have fun on my own because it is not. I always have anxiety and a feeling of guilt whenever I decide whether to go out or not. But sometimes you just have to face the fact that you…

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