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My Dream Home Checklist

I have always been a sucker for books about home design, a lot of times it is to find inspiration but deep down I know I have zero talent on designing a home. I always get overwhelm when I see all these ideas whether from books or Pinterest. I want them all so much that…

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Label it!

How to organize? Declutter. Decide what to keep, donate, throw away. Choose the right place or storage. Then what? Sometimes, we are too busy putting away things that we actually forget where it is or what is in that box. This happened to me so many times that I end up going back to my…

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How I organized my desk

My desk is probably the busiest place in the house maybe sometimes in the world. Everything happens in this small space, from phones being charged, laptop/tablet being used to mails that need attention. Although there are other places I can put my own workstation ( I call it that way because I do so much on…

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