How to Pursue what you Love when You are a Busy Mom

How to Pursue what you Love when You are a Busy Mom

This week is a week of learning and growing for me. I would have to say that more than learning it is looking back to the things I love to do before I became a mom and a wife. It is a picture of me bored in class with a pen and a notebook, lettering the name of my crush. It is me drawing flowers and butterflies as I pretend to listen as my teacher explains how to find X. It’s funny how I started being more dedicated now that I don’t have all the time in the world. But I think not having enough time made me realize that doing what you love is important too.

So, finally I committed to it, I quickly ordered my books and pens, enrolled in a class and every night I sit down and just be my 13 year old self. It’s refreshing to find a part of yourself that you missed for a long time. Although there are times that I wonder what am I doing as my hand aches from practicing. There is a mountain of laundry that I need to do and here I am probably wasting my time. Then, it hits me back with a thought that even though I am a busy mom I should pursue what I love. Here are the 3 things that kept me going.

1.Make time for it!

I have to start with this one because I have a million excuses on why I cannot sit down and practice my writing or draw that flower. I don’t think there will be any time for what I love to do if I don’t make one for it. So, this week every night when the kids are sleeping I dedicate 30 minutes of my time practicing. I don’t think it really matters how much time you put in, the most important thing of all is you did it. You can put in 15 minutes, 10 minutes or even 5 minutes, JUST DO IT!

2. Focus

This is one of the most important lesson I learned on being productive. The temptation of Facebook and Instagram is so easy to give in to. Or even that mountain of laundry or that urge to finally sit down and watch TV. I could list a hundred things that can get me all distracted but I think the point is STOP and FOCUS. I think it is truly obvious that I don’t have time and wasting another 30 minutes browsing the internet or pondering whether I should get off the couch does not help. What I did was put away my phone, be in a quiet place and just concentrate on getting things done. It will surprise you how much you can accomplish being focus on such a short time.

3. Do it with a friend

If everything fails and you can’t find the heart to motivate yourself. Try doing it with a friend and it will give you a boost. Who will not choose to do what you love and at the same time enjoying it with a friend. This week I enrolled in a cooking class with a friend, cooking really stresses me out but having someone who have more experience than you and love cooking is all the push that I need to allow myself to learn something new. This reminded me that when I cannot find the heart to start, sometimes a little push and inspiration from people you love gives you the change that you are looking for.

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I believe that the most beautiful thing about this week is I discovered that it is possible to look back in your passion and it’s never too late to start over again. I also realize that there is always room to grow and it is up to us whether we embrace it or just continue having excuses. As for me, I will stop having excuses, I will just do it and just embrace that achy hand.

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PS. Got these books at just in case you want to try too. Also, don’t hesitate to share what gets you going to pursue what you love to do. Let’s inspire each other! 🙂


Always Choose Love

Always Choose Love

Have you ever found yourself deciding whether to stay calm and collected or yell out of frustration to your 3 year old?

I did.

It is one of the hardest thing in the world. How can I be so tough over someone so little and still learning what the world is all about especially their feelings. But sometimes I have to admit that I am human too and I have my limits even though I am a mom.

You see, I grew up knowing that following your parents and elderly is important. I got spanked, I got yelled at and I experienced sitting down listening to an unending sermon of what I did wrong. There is no reasoning or tantrums can change that in the old times.

So here I am wondering how am I gonna do this. My 3 year old son is starting to learn that he has the right to speak up and be heard too. A lot of times all he says is no. No to going to school. No to vegetables. No to gym class. No to being nice.

The other day I went to his gym class. He was suppose to do things on his own and us parents should just watch. But, he decided to throw a fit and cried until I come sit next to him. I brought him to the restroom to calm him, and honestly, I am reaching my limit. How can he not listen when we had the talk before his class started. My mind is searching all the things I had learned from books and advises on what to say and do. I am panicking because nothing convinces him that he needs to do his class on his own. Finally, I gave in and just sat behind him as he do his exercises while crying. Then, something light up in my mind. What am I doing? He needs my support and love. Finally, I found the courage to give him what he truly needs. After he did his forward roll routine, I opened my arms and catch him as he came running. I gave him a hug and whispered, good job and  I am proud of you. Like magic, he became more confident and started doing things on his own. He even let me sit outside his class.

That was amazing. Many times in my head, I tell myself that I am the parent and I should show authority and power over my kids. Many times I end up being frustrated and disrespected. Then I was reminded by my son that day to always choose love. There is no greater power than love, it is a message to your child that you are there no matter what. That your love is far greater than all their fears and anxiety. So, everyday I promise to myself that I will choose love no matter what.




How to start Your Day Right when You are a Busy Mom

How to start Your Day Right when You are a Busy Mom

I love mornings.

I love waking up early and just enjoying a cup of coffee and a book.

I think mornings are a sign of a new beginning and a reminder that life should not be wasted. Every day seems to be a second chance to be a better person than yesterday.

But it is so easy to waste mornings as mommy responsibilities drowns me as soon as I open my eyes. I do love being a mom. That is why I stopped making excuses instead I fill each day with determination to start my day right. I have read so many tips on how to start your day right but here are my top favorite things to do to jump start my mornings.

1.Get enough sleep

This is no secret. Having enough sleep changes a person perspective about life. Although every mom I know wants to sleep, the urge to finally sit down and be able to browse the internet when the kids sleeps seems to be strong. A lot of times I waste 2 to 3 hours just watching my shows and browsing Facebook. It is so easy to convince yourself to relax and  do nothing when the whole day you were on your feet, running around and constantly busy. Finally, I had to stop. I no longer want to wake up everyday crawling out of bed with a headache. Each night I carefully spend my time on things that are important and make it a point that I go to bed to get my 7 hours of sleep. It is still a work in progress but I am slowly getting there.

2. Plan your day

Yes, I make it a habit that I have my day planned for the next day. It is so easy to forget things when you wake up without a map of your day. Having a plan motivates me to get going. It also gives me the comfort that I will not forget appointments and things that needs to be done. Plus I get to plan a me time even if it’s just me sitting for 15 minutes reading a book. Though I have my day well planned there are times that I have to be flexible and ready for changes. If there is one thing I do best it is to be ready to accept things that I cannot change instead I always prepare myself to find a solution and not waste time crying over spilled milk.

3. Prepare

Another Yes. Get everyone’s outfit ready and involve the whole family in the process. Yes. Lunches and snacks should be ready. And yes, for having that diaper and school bag ready. I believe that being ahead is important, it is such a wonderful feeling when you can sit with the family and have breakfast together because you have prepared the things that you need for the day. Every night I spend that 15-30 minutes to put things together to save myself from the stress of the morning rush.

4. Eat  a Healthy Breakfast

Since having enough energy is important to complete my tasks, eating healthy is a must. I am a sugar junky, I will not deny that but since I learned to eat better especially for my mornings, I felt more motivated to get out of the house and be where I am suppose to be including the gym. I have been struggling to avoid that low energy moment, because I don’t think my kids really get it when I said I am tired. So, everyday I say good morning to eggs, wheat bread, fruits and coffee or tea. And don’t forget your water.

5. Pray/Meditate

There is not greater feeling than to have a moment to reflect and strengthen your inner self. Without stopping and seeing things more clearly, there seems to be no purpose in this busy life. I have to constantly remind myself that I am a mom and I am important to my family. By seeing who I am more than the chores and appointments, my love to what I do grows everyday and what a wonderful feeling it is that every time I hug my kids and my husband I can truly say that I love what I do and who I am.




Mom, Please put that Lipstick on

Mom, Please put that Lipstick on

When I was 17 years old, I met a girl who boldly said “You don’t have eyebrows, let’s fix that!” I did end up laughing with her because it’s true. I remembered after my high school yearbook picture got printed, I hid it right away, because I realized I looked weird and yes, it’s the eyebrows. Later on, that girl became my bestfriend throughout Nursing school. It started with the eyebrows then the eyeliner and the lipstick. Everyday I smile each time I remember the girl who changed how I look at myself in the mirror.


When I started working as a nurse, I started in the day shift. In my mind, I am the first person who will get them ready for the day, I just don’t want to scare them or discourage them to go on just because I looked like I am tired already on the beginning of my shift. So, I did wake up earlier to put that make up on. I just want to be the right person to motivate them and make them feel that things will be okay.


Then here comes motherhood. Giving an extra time to fix yourself is such a pain. I prefer to have that extra time to sleep or read my book, which does not happen. Instead I am greeted every morning with a kid sitting on me and saying “good morning, mom”. From the time I get up, it is all about taking care of the family. Long time ago I promised myself that I will get out of the door looking like I got everything together even if I have kids. I am truly having a hard time keeping that promise, a lot of times I don’t know myself anymore. I am like a machine and when everyone is asleep, I realize my day has gone by. That is a sad feeling but it is true.


So, here I am reminding myself to put that lipstick on, it takes a minute. A minute of reminder that being beautiful in the outside is also important. A little time to actually look at yourself in the mirror and see your face light up. Nothing can beat a self talk, telling yourself that you got this and you will keep believing until that day comes.


I will lie if I say that I do not miss sitting in front of the mirror taking all the time to put my make up on. But I see my face differently now, it is a mom surviving everyday. She only have a few minutes to be beautiful but in the eyes of her kids, she is super woman. Let’s love ourselves and let’s not give up.


My Mini Mat Story

My Mini Mat Story

Sitting down to eat seems to be a distant memory for me. Everyday I see myself running around in the kitchen like a storm. I can think of a million excuses to say but let me share my 3 challenges during meal times. First, running after my 3 year old who decides that sitting down to eat is not really the best thing to do. Second, cooking is like a math problem that I have to actually concentrate to solve, because most of the time one plus one is not the end of it when you are following a recipe. And, third, my 14 month old sometimes decides to play ball with food and that simply means that you will never know when an egg will come flying to you or to make things easier for him the whole plate.

But every mom is truly a super mom. There is nothing that will defeat us, as for me meeting the mini mat is one of my favorite thing during meal time. Aside from the fact that it’s truly sturdy and easy to clean, it came with all the good stuff like being BPA free, hypo-allergenic and does not harbor Bacteria. This little thing reminded me that, one, your kids can stick around during meal time when you actually sit down, just like it’s sticking or suction power to the high chair table. It is truly a learning experience when my son sat down the whole meal because mommy is eating and laughing with him.  Two, it separates food into portions, so they can clearly see their options. Same as we have options to be mad and miserable or to just let go of things we cannot control. And, three, since they have options (healthy choices of course), they have the power to choose what they eat. Yes, we have to remember and to teach out kids that we have the freedom to choose what we want to be in life.

As I always say one of the greatest strength of a mom is her love for her family. Every day is an adventure filled with challenges but the most beautiful thing about it is you get to appreciate little things that made every struggle easier to overcome.

5 Things I love about My Planner

5 Things I love about My Planner

I have always been a big planner fan. Although I would have to say I never truly use it. I would fill out a few pages and that is the end of it. Probably because they are too cute and you do look like a more organize person when you have one (ha!). But now that I think about it most of the planners that I choose, does not really match what I am looking for. There are times that I stare on this piece of paper not having enough space to squeeze my schedule or I just end up using another notebook to spell out my day or my projects. In the end, I just let it go. I end up relying on an empty paper, spilling my thoughts and rewriting my calendar.

Then, here comes motherhood. It’s amazing what a mom needs to accomplish in a day. I see myself as a mom trap in a routine of house work, kids time, family time and appointments. The list could go on, but I think you get what I mean. It is so overwhelming that sometimes I wonder where do I squeeze my time for myself.

But I think what makes a mom a super woman is she understands that there is a power behind time management and setting priorities. Every mom seems to give that impression that anything can be done, of course with hardwork and lots of patience. For the past 3 years that I have been a mom, my planner has been my partner. I am grateful that I have found the right one for me. Here are the 5 things that I love about my planner.




The Monthly Calendar

This is a basic feature of every planner. Although I put my appointments in my phone so I could coordinate better with my husband. I use my monthly calendar more for house work that I need to keep up with. I have been breaking my chores into small task and this part of my planner helps me keep track of what I have done. This is also a good place to right things that you want to accomplish every month, whether to make a birthday album or plan the next vacation.


Weekly Planner and Goal setting

Aside from being able to fully see my busy week, the time blocking feature allows me to plan my time for every item I have on my to do list. Being able to see how much time I have for my appointments or family time, allows me to set time not only for the rest of my I-need-to-finish-list but also it gives me a clear picture to see where I can have some me time. The goal setting page that allows you to write your top tasks for the week gives you focus on what has to be done first.


Being able to breathe and reflect seems to be impossible when being a mom means an endless run towards the finish line with two kids hanging on my waist. But being able to sit every night and have a space to write my struggles and memories gives me a more positive outlook about my life. It allows me to step back and see what is more important amidst all the challenges that I have to go through everyday.

Project Planner

Yes. A page that goes down into details whether you are planning to organize a part of the house or a birthday party for the third time this year. Having everything in one place allows you to see what needs a follow up by setting your due date and even a space for budgeting to keep an eye on your expenses.

Habit Tracker

On this page I focus on two things that I need the most, sleep and exercise. Being able to cross out how many times I slept early or went to the gym encourages me to do more and keep up with it. It is a constant reminder that it is possible to improve and be healthier in the process.

I know that we have our own ways of getting things done whether it could be with a planner or without it, but let’s not forget that it is possible not to drown from all our life challenges. If life gets overwhelming, let’s do something about it. A simple planner can be a baby step that you need to keep things in order. As I have said before, there are far more important things in life than our to do list. If we can manage things little by little, maybe we can finally sit down and appreciate more what we have in our lives. Be a little more organize, be a little more happier everyday.


PS. If you like this planner and you want to get more advise on being a mom with a passion visit this website:




What I Learned from Playing with my Kids

What I Learned from Playing with my Kids

I would have to admit that a lot of times when I have to play with my kids my mind flies to my to do list. There are so many instances that I ask myself why I am stuck here while I have to do the dishes or cook dinner. But I think being a parent teaches us that there are far more important things in life than finishing every single task that you have listed. As I watched my kids grow I realized that I should stop wasting my time worrying and start appreciating my kids more. Someday I will look back and I don’t want to tell myself that I wish I played with my kids more. So, here I am as wonder woman ordering a cheeseburger on a play food truck with my spiderboy son and my 1 year old drooling all over the Lego on the floor.

Honestly, my husband plays and have fun with the kids far better than me. Probably because I am a write -it- down- and- I- will- do- it- person. I am so focus on what I have to do that I forget to stop and look around. That changed when I had my boys. They have so much energy that I end up going to the gym and get stronger to catch up with them. They even became my best teacher when we play. Here are a few things that they reminded me to do.


Yes, phone can wait. I say this because I tend to look at my phone to check what I have to do or do a quick look on Facebook when we go out. Instead of being present and actually appreciated what is right in front of you. I know I am not alone when we are in the playground and almost everybody is on their phone taking pictures, editing and sharing it to the world. Important, especially if it’s for relatives who are far away, but it can wait. How about walking around hand in hand and discover with your child that it’s okay to get your hands wet and dirty. Or finding out that a slide is actually fun. That you can fly when you sit on the swing. Things that I get to try when my son have to say “Come mom!”

Be what you dreamed of

This one is precious to me. My son likes to play as a fire fighter, a builder, a superhero and of course a doctor and yes, I am the nurse taking care of his patients. Just like what I do in real life. This reminds me that when I was young I want to be everything I dreamed of, then it gets harder in school, there is no time to do what you love, the world seems to be in your shoulder that you just want to give up. Although I can say that became what I have written I would be when I was twelve, I am still working on reaching my dreams. The beautiful thing about life is it’s full of chances and it is up to us to grab it. What makes this lesson so precious to me is it brought back memories of my parents giving me so much trust and love that in the end I actually kept believing that I can do anything. I want my children to feel the same, that they can be what they dreamed of, that they can reach their goals and they are not alone.

Let's Play
I am a fire fighter!

Have fun

This is a hard one, especially when I remember myself sitting in a restaurant with a baby pulling on my hair and a toddler trying to get out of his chair to run around. But a play will never be complete without the fun. We have to laugh and be silly.  It changes how your child looks at you in a few minutes that you pretend to be a dragon chasing little power ranger in the living room. That few minutes that your son actually teaches you how to laugh and forget any burden that is weighing you down. I think that’s what makes playing magical.

Let's play

Everyday I remind myself not to forget what my kids are trying to teach me. Someday I want to be able to sit down and tell myself that I played with my kids as much as I can. They have been my teacher, my dream and my inspiration.