Category: Mommy Lessons

To My Kids Who Go to School

To my kids who goes to school, if only I can tell you how anxious I am behind my smiles and laughters, you probably run away from school. Do you know how much I read the school policy and instructions, alot! I felt like I memorize each word, each letter and still I find myself…

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Dear Mommy Self, Let go

Dear Mommy self, Please learn to let go. You have been yelling for the 10th time and the kids just want to play while eating breakfast. The house is a mess and all you want to do is to make it look like a picture in a magazine. There are mountains of laundry waiting and…

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Always Choose Love

Have you ever found yourself deciding whether to stay calm and collected or yell out of frustration to your 3 year old? I did. It is one of the hardest thing in the world. How can I be so tough over someone so little and still learning what the world is all about especially their feelings. But…

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