my 2022 planner

I always love writing my thoughts and plans using a pen and paper. That is why, even though I use my phone to share appointments with my husband automatically. I still use a paper planner to write how my day will go. Honestly, I tried so many and there are instances that I don’t even finish the planner and just forget about it. But for 3 years now I have been using the Simplified planner by Emily Ley. It is beautiful and the paper quality is amazing.

Here are the features that I love about this planner.

It has a Simplicity challenge and goal setting page
A calendar for appointments and events
A daily page that includes time to help me plan my day and a to do list that helps me prioritize.
Lastly, a space to write my thoughts and details I don’t want to miss.

I know every person is different and plans in many ways but I hope this helps. I understand how it is to be overwhelmed and not knowing what to do first. A few minutes every morning with my planner keeps me focus and be ready for my day. I am hopeful that with all the challenges life brings and doubts we have inside us, we will shine through. Everyday we will try to get back up and be better.

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