organizing our under-the-sink-storage

This month I restarted my organizing journey with The Home Edit workbook. Honestly, I have so many organizing books and I am a big fan of various methods but it got really overwhelming to the point that I just winged it. What I found with The Home Edit workbook is it’s simplicity on how to do things. Every step and tips shared are straightforward and easy to understand. Easy enough for a busy mom like me. It also has a place to write what your vision is for your space and a page to draw with your measurements.

The workbook is arranged in a way that you slowly see your progress. It gives you a sense of accomplishment from starting a simple to more complicated home organizing projects. For example I started with our kitchen junk drawer. It was a small project that took alittle of my time but gave me a feeling of satisfaction that it kept me wanting to do more.

Our junk-no-more-drawer

So, here I am all done organizing our under the sink storage. It took me awhile to tackle this space, I got to the point of wandering whether I should skip this page and move to the next one. I mean who wants to take out all the cleaning supply and grocery bags I stuffed in there, so I can say it is put away. But, I refuse to go back to my old habit of jumping around pages and just ending not doing anything because I don’t feel like it. It was a bit challenging in a way that I don’t enjoy measuring and finding the right storage and the right inspiration in my least favorite space. Still, after I sat down, planned with the workbook and purchased things I needed, I was committed.

Steps I need to take. Pull everything out. Let go of stuff I don’t need. Categorize. Contain.

My after photo with containers where I can clearly see all my cleaning supplies…
Plastic drawers that fits perfectly in that awkward space beside our sink area, plus a label that made the space extra…

My favorite feeling after all that I have done is being able to see everything that is under there. Cleaning up is also a breeze since I can quickly grab what I need. I totally had that life-is-simpler feeling and I can’t wait to move on to the next organizing project.

My List

  1. The Home Edit Workbook
  2. Clear revolving tray/Lazy susan from the Container Store – choose a bigger size if you have more stuff
  3. Stacking drawers from the Container Store – measure the inside of your cabinet well
  4. Used my old tray for other cleaning supplies – use what you have

PS. Always consider your budget, see different options but don’t forget the quality of your item.

Thank you for dropping by…

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