looking back on our family vacations

Two weeks ago school started. Prepping the night before is back. The morning rush has returned. The reality of how life gets really busy is slowly sinking in me. Still, it is an exciting moment since Parker is a 2nd grader now and Norrin just started Kindergarten. As for Tristan, he finally had some alone time with me, though half of it is his nap time. Honestly, I thought it will not make a difference since I still have a 1 year old that needs my full attention, but it does. The house is quieter and I am able to manage 1 kid better. Reminds me of my old self when I only had my first baby boy. By the time my little one takes a nap half of my chores is done, since he enjoys following me around and doing independent play. That small window of time before I pick up my Kindergartener is actually the time I find myself sitting down and being creative.

I am grateful. That little time helped me practice my calligraphy, write blogs, design something and practice making videos. Our vacation at Yosemite was the first one that I got to look back. We stayed at Tenaya Lodge. We had a cottage, but really it is just a room with two queen beds. The microware and fridge is a plus since we bought some food. Still, it was enough since we are out most of the time exploring the park. During that time we have to get a permit to get in the national park, definitely worth checking before visiting since Covid is still there and restrictions are still in place. We actually waste our time driving and realizing that we can’t get in the park, luckily Tenaya lodge has their own trail with a mini waterfalls that the kids get to swim and have fun.

The truth is family vacations are really exhausting. From the time I planned a trip, coordinating, to making things happen. I remember I was able to read a book and do yoga before a busy day and that is all I can do to have a me time. Still, as I scroll on our photos and videos, all I can see are my kids smiles and it makes everything worth it. With all the struggles me and my husband had on those days, the memories seems to fill our soul. A lot of times we just laugh on how hard it is, probably one of the reason I love my husband. Family vacations will be a time that we will cherish and talked about when the boys are grown.

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