my First Food Photography

I was truly grateful receiving this gift from a college friend. It seems like it was ages and finally our love for food connected us. Cakes by An is truly beautiful from the time I received the package in the mail, with it’s box neatly put together with a bow. Until opening Ensaymadas (Filipino Brioche) that were thoughtfully wrapped, showcasing it’s different flavor. Ube. Nutella. Cheese. It was delicious. It was truly satisfying.

I am not really a professional on taking photos but I found a lot of inspiration on browsing Pinterest and Instagram. I guess that gave way for me to develop my own style on how to take photos. My process. Finding inspiration. Creating a scene. Enough light. Take multiple photos. Different Angles. Different looks. Editing. Giving myself grace. For days I can’t find the perfect balance on colors and light, Lightroom became my favorite app on editing my photos.

I am thankful to the people who sees beauty on what I do. Honestly, I have a good amount of self doubt and fear inside of me on putting my work out in the world. But each time I create, style and take a photo of different events and things in my life I seem to find contentment and appreciation on what I do. It simply makes me happy.

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