finding love in Table setting

If you ask my old self if I am capable of styling or designing anything it will be a definite “no” answer. I had always lived under the wings of people I worked with when it comes to planning anything that requires me to be creative or artistic. Though I put in some ideas I am more of the person who will listen and do the heavy lifting more than visualizing an event or project. That quickly changed when I realized that having kids and your own home takes a lot of creativity. From drawing with your kids to keeping things together at home. I really felt that in my shoulders, not as a burden but more of a feeling that I want to wake up in the morning and see something that inspires me.

Still, I am not saying that I am a pro or claiming that I am an expert. But styling our home especially setting up a table opened up a part of me that I had never known existed. It really just came in a place where my heart is happy to see our home cozy and nice. I remember that my favorite part is to put everything together and be surprised that though it is not what I entirely intend to do it came out more than what I had in mind.

So, last week I prepared a small table set up. It was much appreciated, it put everyone in a different place and mood, when we are really just in the backyard. Though in the back of my head I remembered how much effort I have to give. Starting with brainstorming. Probably spent my time looking at Pinterest. Checking things that I have already. Purchase things I need that is within my budget. Looking back and forth to make sure color and patterns works. Drawing the table set up and my cheeseboard in OneNote. Sounds overwhelming but at the same time satisfying. It is truly worth it to see that what you have imagined came to life.

I have always dreamed of being able to do an event that is extra special for family and friends. I am happy that I able to do that even just by doing a nice table setting. Maybe next time I will have to take part on learning how to cook. Ha!

Note to self: I am writing this blog following my baby around! Mommy life!

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