our coffee table story

Our coffee table is a witness of how we started our family. It was there when Jason and I got married and lived in our first apartment. It was there when we got our first home and had our first baby. At some point it was suppose to be given away since our small living room is getting overrun with toys after having our second son and we need a smaller table to make space. But Jason loves this coffee table so it found a temporary home in his office. Then, we moved to our dream home and our coffee table also found it’s new home.

The Process. It is not easy. I always have so many ideas that I can’t seem to put together. It’s exhausting. But watching You tube and reading styling books pulled me out of the endless cycle. Finding “pegs” in Pinterest also helped me organize my thoughts and actually see my vision. Then, I make sure I work around what we have before purchasing anything else.

For this round coffee table. I followed the shape of a triangle to balance things out. Having different heights and elements is probably the most used term I heard while getting tips on styling. I would usually choose fresh flowers but opted for a low maintenance cotton flowers and dried pampas grass. Honestly, I did not fall in love with the arrangement right away, it took a lot of moving things around before I finally found what I had in mind.

Our coffee table tells a story about us. It has a candle that brings calm when I am overwhelmed, though the kids loves to think that it is a birthday candle that needs to be blown each time. A wooden Tiktok set that we love to play as a family. A kids book. A book on art, styling and organizing. It is simply a place that inspires us.

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