How We Celebrated Easter Sunday

It is not easy for me to define what is an Easter Sunday here in the US. I grew up in the Philippines where it is connected to me, as part of my religion more than bunny eggs. When I was 6 years old, I would practice for weeks at church and when the day comes, I wake up at 4am to dress up as an angel and sing to celebrate the risen Christ. Magical if you ask me. I remember roses and just how beautiful it made me feel. It made my bond with God even stronger.

So, here I am thinking how I am going to explain this to my kids. When I hear them anticipating what eggs to open or draw. If the Easter bunny is coming or running away. But I guess my heart needs to take the lead on this. I have no logical explanation when they ask, all I can do is read the kids bible with them which to my surprise they love. They did get half answered questions. Though I want it to be the same as how I remember it, I realized that taking baby steps towards understanding the meaning of this day, is the best way. For now, it will be called a special day and it will be celebrated in our home. Maybe from there they will slowly understand what an Easter Sunday truly is, without forgetting to respect other people’s beliefs and also to understand that not everyone celebrates this day. Honestly, to me it is about God but to their dad it is about the Easter bunny. Everyone is different and it is okay.

We painted eggs, more of a space eggs with magical crystals. We had games at the backyard. More painting on woods shaped as a bunny for grandma to take home. We sat down. Parker read a book. Norrin showcase the eggs they made. We had a prayer. We gave thanks. We had dinner. A day that we will always remember.

I know my kids will not fully understand what Easter Sunday means to me but I also know that someday they will. My hope is for them to learn that there is magic simply by being together as a family. That having a grateful heart is wonderful. That there is a special day to just be joyful and express who you are. That they will have faith and love as they grow. This day continues to inspire me, to keep living and to be hopeful.

Easter Space Eggs!

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