home update: adding a buffet table

I never really known what a buffet table is until I searched for different things to make our dining room extra nice and functional. Though in my head I can’t grasp the idea of a buffet table, thinking it is a place for food. Luckily, Google came to the rescue and described a buffet table as a furniture for storage in the dining room. Simple enough for me. 🙂

Now, that we host dinners at our home, an extra storage is definitely a good idea. Though at the moment I don’t have all the fancy silverware and plates, a nice basket to keep everything together kept the space more organize. Here are a few of the things that we have in the baskets: A table cloth that creates a beautiful base to set the mood of the occasion. Placemats that adds a pop of color or character to the set up. Napkin and napkin rights to fill the empty plates. Adding the clip on labels with my handwriting completed the look.

This year I fell in love with table setting and creating a beautiful look for our guests. Part of my heart also love how our kids, who are 7 and 5 years old participates on setting up everything. It actually brought so much memories from my childhood. Though there is nothing fancy on our set up back then, sitting all together every Sunday makes everything uplifting. I remember the smell of the beef soup, the laughter and washing the dishes with my cousins at the end. It is a moment that I would want my kids to experience.

Hopefully, in the coming years I can fill this buffet table with more silverware, stylish glasses and artistic plates both budget friendly and fancy. But most of all, hope this part of our home will be filled with memories and joy.

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