My birthday thoughts for 2021

This year I am turning 37 and I have this feeling that I am almost halfway through my life or probably is. What an amazing journey it has been, amazing in a sense that I felt like I am stronger inside as years pass by. There are so many things in my mind right now but one thing stands out, the question that I have to answer in my journal. What are the 3 things I want to remember in this life? At first I was thinking this is really a tough question. How can I put everything that I am grateful for in 3 things when there are so many? How can I put so much memories I treasure in such a small number? How can I put in a few words things that changed me?

I was staring at my journal for awhile and I just don’t know where to start. But what finally kicked me to begin answering this question is the word love. I will always remember the LOVE that was gifted to me. I will always remember my parents’ laughter with all their sacrifices. My husband’s hug when I feel like I am not enough. My kids pride over my average cooking and silly jokes. My friends taking a time out from their busy life to sit and chat. To people I worked with who taught me that I can learn and be better. It is the feeling that kept me going and believing in myself. That I can be good at what I do even if I am crying in between. That I am not alone.

Number 2 is my strength. I will always remember how strong I am with all the life challenges. Honestly, more than my worries, my thoughts when I have a difficult time still sits on being grateful. I know I get stressed and overwhelmed. Scared and anxious. Feelings that many times control me when I feel like trouble is taking over my life. But what is really my worry when there are far bigger problems in the world than what I have. I know what I am feeling is valid but I don’t give it a chance to control me for long. I pray. I reflect. I cry. I wipe my tears. Smile. Face the problem. Solve it the best I can. Move on. I once heard, what does falling down teaches us, it teaches us to get up. I tell that to my kids all the time since I saw it at Batman. Ha!

Lastly and probably the most life changing, God’s miracles in my life. I understand I have to work hard for things that I want to achieve but there are just days that I feel like nothing is going my way and things are impossible. Honestly, God has touched me so many times to believing that nothing is impossible with Him. I find myself wondering how did that workout. How did I get here? I used to dream of so many things and now I am here. It is just hard to describe this feeling but I guess miracles are real life magic that God puts in your life so you will keep going and not live life hopeless. Be Faithful.

So, to my 37 year old self, happy birthday. You had made it this far. You are happy. Of course, life is not perfect but you are still smiling and laughing most of the time. That is enough, you are enough. You are blessed. Though most of the time you don’t pray for yourself but for others, today pray for your dreams. Cheers to more fruitful years ahead.

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