My Favorite Moments at Norrin’s 5th Birthday

It’s the first week of February and I am finally seeing more sunshine, still it is too cold for my Filipino self. But the noon time sun is warm and tolerable especially when the kids are running around while we are busy preparing for the day. Though everything looks normal, nothing has been normal since 2020. Corona virus is still real and celebrating during a pandemic is quite challenging, it’s almost impossible to have fun without fear at the back of your head. Still, we made it, following restrictions, masking and social distancing all included. So, here I am sharing my favorite moments on that day and hoping that I will never forget my “why” in this life.

Our party set up at the backyard with a $15 Amazon decoration and a Bounce house. Adding a table mat and flowers to complete the look I had in mind. Honestly, with nature in the background it is really not too hard to make a set up beautiful.

This bounce house kept the kids busy and at times the adults too. I think I will never have a party without it, totally took care of all the energy the kids had. I felt like they were jumping the whole day.

Truly, loved the happy birthday song that brought everyone together and eating a beautiful cake makes everything extra special. Totally had a second slice and a cup of coffee on the side.

Though we can’t invite all of our family and friends over, we are still grateful that we can celebrate with some of the people who are close to our hearts. Looking forward to the day that we can celebrate with all the the people who are part of our lives.

To our Norrin, we are thankful that you are growing as a kind and loving boy. You remind me to be gentle and understanding everyday. I remember the day that you cried because you taught Mrs. Raspberry died when your baby brother threw the fruit on the floor. We wrapped it up with a paper towel and you asked your dad to say good things as we sing our farewell. It is really a funny story but that day showed me that you have a heart that knows how to care and love. We are so blessed to have you. As I always say, my prayer is that you reach all your dreams and you find true happiness. We love you.

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