Favorite Christmas Moments

It’s been 4 days since Christmas day. It is also a day with Covid-19 still infecting many people, which lead us to following the restrictions and not have a big gathering. I honestly felt like it is another ordinary day. It is really depressing, if you dwell on it. Still, that is not how my kids saw it. They say we bring the magic to our kids but I think kids are the magic in our Christmas days. So, here are my favorite moments this Christmas.

Gift wrapping with the boys

Cute gift bags are a real life saver when you don’t have the time to use a wrapping paper on everything.

Easy chocolate chip cookies for Santa and love letters.

Ingredients: Ghirardelli triple chocolate cookie mix, 1 egg, 1 stick butter. No experience needed. Ha!

Gifts under the Christmas tree.

It was a real struggle to wait for Christmas morning when your kids asks to open the gifts every 5 minutes. But, we made it! Plus thought the kids the value of patience.

Setting up for Christmas eve dinner.

I know it’s just us but it does not mean we should not make dinner look pretty.

Christmas morning and messes

I know wrapping gifts took longer than opening it, still it is worth it.

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, no matter how you celebrate this special day.

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