Tristan’s 100 days

Dear Tristan,

Happy 100 days to you! I didn’t really learn to celebrate 100 days until I had your brothers. I use to see it more as dad’s tradition but now I see it more as a celebration of you and your brothers. It is also a way of saying thank you to everyone who had prayed, helped and support our growing family. I hope you knew how many good hearts took mom’s hand when she felt like she can’t get up anymore or feeling anxious at work.

Though we can’t really have a big celebration like we use to because of COVID. I want to remind you that we are very grateful that you are part of our family. After a miscarriage before having you, I was reminded that life will not be perfect and there will be rough roads, but in the end the sacrifices and the patience that you give will teach you that things are worth it.

So, let me say thank you. Thank you for being strong and rocking the different changes that you have to face outside my womb. Thank you for making our sleepless nights exciting with giggles and cooing. Thank you for your patience when I have to take care of your brothers too, you have mastered sitting on the high chair and watching all of us run around getting ready for dinner and bed. Thank you for your morning smiles and cooing chats during breakfast, you seem to have a way of letting us know that everything will be okay. By the way, although I am your buddy most of the time, Dad is the best playmate, your brothers knows that and you will be joining the fun soon.

Always remember that we love you. We are here for you. Dad and I will not be here forever but we will make sure that you and your brothers will be capable. We promise you that you will always have arms to go home to, especially on days that you will fall. Life has challenges and sometimes it will be too much, but we will help you navigate with laughter and a strong faith. You will always have a family.


  1. Janet

    Parker has the pinoy look Norrin looks more Chinese now with his cute singkit eyes and Tristan more of the chikboy type.Lucky children to have you both as their parents! Take care!


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