Looking Back to our Seattle Trip

We have been shelter in place since March because of COVID 19, and at this point all I could think of is how grateful I am for being able to travel when we had the time. Sure it gets expensive but the memories are priceless. Most nights when we are having dinner and we talk about going out again, it’s a joy to see our kids remembering their favorite places.

If there is one place I want to go back to, it will be Seattle (aside from the Philippines of course where I grew up). I know it rains alot there and it gets really cold but there is something about Seattle that touches the city girl in me. It just made me feel extra about myself especially now that I am loving my creative self. I must be getting old, just loving sitting down to do calligraphy, just loving messing around with watercolors, just loving art.

I have been putting off writing about this place, mommy responsibilities seems to take over when we are out all the time. But now that we are home, life seems to be teaching us to look back, appreciate the things that we have and start catching up on things that we have been delaying. Delaying since 2017. Ha!

So, let me start with our roughly 24 hours train ride. We took a night trip at Amtrack Emeryville. We had our own room. Not really that big or luxurious but it didn’t really matter for all we could think of is, it’s adventure time. Travelling on mountains that started all dry and bare to a snow filled one is amazing, especially when you are at the train’s viewing deck. Food was not fantastic but enough for the trip. Though I would say the train ride is a bit much for two little boys who wants to run around and there is not enough space. Still, I will definitely take that train ride again on my retirement days.




When we got to the city, we checked in at Loews Hotel 1000. It was one of my favorite hotel. Using Booking.com got us an upgrade and it is a money well spent, with the space and wonderful customer service that they gave us. It got expensive being there for 5 days but we splurged and enjoyed every moment. I mean I spent my mornings in the gym and lounge area writing while the boys are asleep, those are the “me times” that I treasured. It’s in the middle of the city. Busy streets and all, but I loved it. Everything is within walking distance and that is enough for me to be in a happy state of mind.


We did alot of walking and exploring, it got challenging when we have to go farther with kids. We end up renting a car after realizing that it is difficult to find an Uber/Lyft with a car seat. Lesson learned, we had a debate about our situation, totally laughed about it and just like that we moved on to exploring this wonderful city.

There are so many places to go. We had a gondola ride by the port to see the whole city. Also, a quick visit at the Seattle Aquarium. My boys loved it, probably travelling with us so many times taught them to just embrace the ups and downs, with all the tantrums and “carry me” pleas. I was probably in awe of everything, the Space Needle visit was a blur. I vaguely remember that it was under construction. Still, I hear myself saying, the view was breathtaking.



The Museum of Pop Culture left me speechless, though half the time I find myself laughing because of how my husband appreciates every part of it. He seems to connect to every exhibit and explains everything to me. May I just say he is a smart, fun loving guy.


But with all of the place we went to, the Glass museum captured my heart the most. As I have said before art plays a big part on bringing joy into my busy life. Like when I sit down to do calligraphy or watercolor, it tells me to slow down, to just be calm and see things more clearly.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES20171115_15393120171115_153733

I remember that was the time I fell in love with Starbucks coffee. It is just a place where a hot cup of mocha totally changes how I feel and look at life as a new mom. It became my bestfriend when I am about to lose it. So, visiting the first ever Starbucks just made my heart skip. I know it must be alittle too much to feel towards coffee but how can I forget that feeling that I am wonderwoman after a cup of coffee. Totally gave me super powers and a different perspective on things.


Here I am sitting down and writing about Seattle, thinking being at home totally brought me back to a place that is filled with happy memories. Though I could barely remember all the details, the feeling is still there. And looking at the pictures validated how I feel. And for a moment, being at shelter in place felt a little lighter, bearable and probably one of the best teacher on how to value the places that you’ve been to. I’m sure when this is all over we will appreciate being outside more, we will appreciate life more.

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