To My Kids Who Go to School

To my kids who goes to school, if only I can tell you how anxious I am behind my smiles and laughters, you probably run away from school. Do you know how much I read the school policy and instructions, alot! I felt like I memorize each word, each letter and still I find myself going back to the emails and papers that I printed multiple times so I don’t forget. My planner is full both written and on my phone. I pray every night and day that you will be okay, that I will be okay.

So, thank you.


To my Parker, you are at Kindergarten this year. You are in the big boy school now. That totally hit me when I dropped you off on your first day. Thank you for being so brave although you have worries and new challenges. Thank you for listening to me repeat for the 100th time your school work and schedules. Thank you for reminding me of your school activities when I forget because I am too occupied. I want you to know I love your short hours in school because I love our lunches together. I like how you talk about your day both your group winning and your bad days when you did not win that eraser or when you were mark yellow on your behavior chart because you are talking in class. I totally felt that the years I spent with you paid off because of how you talk freely and express yourself. I am grateful that we have that understanding that we are here for each other.


To my Norrin, I know you must feel a little left out since big brother is in another school. But thank you for being brave enough to still go on and fearlessly let go of my hand when it is time to go to preschool. You never fail to show me that you are your own person and I admire you for that. I love how proud you are to speak what is in your mind whether it’s the right answer or not. Thank you for catching up with the changes and never failing to enjoy our moments together. I love our chats and struggles on what color a dinosuar should be. I love how you run like a champion when we are late dropping off big brother. I am thankful because everyday you remind me that life can be silly and simple.

I am thankful that you (my boys) made it. I know it is still a long way until college but seeing you starting to learn more than I can give is already a big step for your future. I wish I can tell you I worry alot seeing you stepping out of my wings but I know this is what you need. Dad and I will not be here forever, so don’t be afraid to grow and find who you truly are.