My Dream Home Checklist

I have always been a sucker for books about home design, a lot of times it is to find inspiration but deep down I know I have zero talent on designing a home. I always get overwhelm when I see all these ideas whether from books or Pinterest. I want them all so much that in the end things just don’t work out.

I remember when we bought our house, I had to hire an interior designer just to choose the correct paint and furniture. I even found interior designers online, to help me change the style of our bedroom and dining room. I just can’t seem to trust myself on choosing the right furniture or color to make things match or look good together. I just erase home design on my list of things that I am good at.

Still, I can’t deny that my perspective about not being able to put things together for the house changed when I became a wife and mom that has to take care almost everything in the house. I think experience taught me to make things work especially on times that I have to juggle appointments, to do list and me time in the air. My love for organizing open possibilities to fix the house in a way that works for us.

So, I am sharing our visit to Ikea. I enjoyed taking these photos to remind me in the future when both time and budget permits on where to start and what to get when I have to redecorate or move. I have not bought many things in this place but I can say that during our short trip as we try to find a bookstand for my husband I made alot of mental notes that I definitely want to have for our house and hopefully our next home.. 🙂

I love how welcoming this living room is. I truly loved that bookshelves since all of us can be found on our quiet time with a book or comic.
I love white all over and that center table and lighting is a big plus on bringing life to this set up.
Loving these ideas to show off my kids art! Since these two boys can’t stop being creative once they have crayons in their hands. It is also a wonderful feeling to see them proud of what they can do.


Will definitely have this wall frames for our growing memories. I am not usually the I-will-take-a-picture-and-put-it-on-a-frame girl but since the kids are growing so fast I feel like photos are the best way to sit back and remember how they use to be.
This stylish and space saving shelves is on top of my list to organize my kids study area especially now that Parker is starting kindegarten.
Next to the shelves, this cabinet is a must to keep things away and at the same time having that clean and everything-has-a-place look. 🙂
A study area that inspires. Definitely what I would want for my husband who loves to collect books, comics and toys. Also, for days that he writes. 🙂
Totally a dream kitchen for me, though I have to worry on how to keep it clean later on! 🙂 I also love how I can see through the cabinets and not play hide and seek on where things are. Most of the time I find myself in the kitchen making food or making my to do list, so having a place that sparks joy is a priority to me.

I totally enjoyed our mini trip to Ikea. I hope these inspires you too and helped you take that first step to creating a home that you love.

How about you? What is your dream home checklist?

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