To my 35 year old self

I always loved birthdays because it is a celebration of being alive and surviving life. Though now that I am older, I can say that my birthdays is no longer a celebration of me instead it’s a celebration for all the people who touched my life and made a difference in it. It’s no longer about the presents but more of the time and love shared with people who means to me.




I know this post is way after my birthday but I just want to remember this new chapter of my life. Many times I look at the mirror and does not recognize myself anymore. But one thing is for sure I am stronger and I know I can survive life’s challenges. Especially before blowing this crème brulee cake, I had to run out of the restaurant coz their bathroom is out of order and my little one needs to pee. The true test of character came when the closest restroom is in the third floor and when we got there he still peed in his pants already. Anyway, I end up changing him in the car and went back to the restaurant with a smile, probably felt too defeated to even think of getting mad.

Birthday cake at the Flying Fish in Carmel Ca

So, to my 35 year old self, keep going. You are a mom now and that means with all the responsibilities, the love that you give is the most important thing to your kids. You are a wife so don’t forget the first time you held your husband’s hand and realized that he is the right one for you.

Be a good daughter and always keep in mind that your parents are getting older so be there and laugh with them. Be a friend who is true and willing to give time, treasure your real friends and let go of people who hurts you. Be good at what you do and be grateful for the opportunities.

Don’t forget to be stronger both inside and out. Exercise and love how yoga makes you feel. Eat better I know your sweet tooth always wins, but on the days that your hormones is not kicking your butt be more disciplined. When you are lost go back to your happy place, a cup of coffee and a book. Practice calligraphy everyday coz it brings you so much joy.

Travel more. Explore. Go out of your comfort zone. Be more than your self doubt. Though you have a family to take care of and people to worry about, give yourself time. Life is short, so make the most out of it. So cheers to another year!

Ps. I am sharing pictures of our weekend trip in Monterey for my birthday. Just a quiet time with my fun boys who are not afraid to explore the beach even if it’s freezing. 🙂

Embassy Suites Monterey California
View from out room. 🙂


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