Christmas 2018: Making every Gift Extra Special

I remember on the night before Christmas, I will go to church with my family and when it’s midnight we will sit together to eat sopas and open our gifts. That is always my favorite memory and up until now I still remember the taste of my aunt’s soup and the joy of opening gifts with people who are dear to me. Of course, I also slept early when I was a little girl dreaming of what Santa will leave in my socks.

Fast forward to December 2018, my grownup/mommy self has alot on her plate. From doing housechores, to working and finishing up that Christmas list. I am writing this post Christmas and I can still feel how overwhelmed I was and yoga is my only bestfriend to get by the craziness of the holiday.

Still, every smile, Merry Christmas, hugs and thank yous, made everything worthit. I always enjoy wrapping gifts and choosing something special for people I love and people who made a difference in my life. I feel like this is the time to say thank you and I appreciate you. So, this Christmas, I made every gift extra special with the joy of doing calligraphy. The other reason I survived when the gifts are about to fall over me. πŸ™‚

This tag maker totally made things easier.



Hand lettered canvas file bag πŸ™‚

With all the stress and hustle of the holidays, I still feel warm inside. I think growing up my family never cease to remind me that more that the gifts Christmas is about giving time and love. Hopefully, my kids will feel the same. May they always look forward to this day like I did, full of hope, forgiveness and happiness.

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