Falling in Love with Calligraphy

I have always loved writing from the heart, more than watching my spelling and grammar. Although many times I fell off the wagon and does not totally commit to my love of writing it seems to chase me and pull me back during the hardest moments of my life. I can clearly remember that when I am heartbroken I write my prayers and thoughts, then I pick up myself and start over again.

So, here I am looking at my mommy self, writing and falling in love with the art of letters through calligraphy. Being able to express your thoughts into words is amazing but being able to write it with a nib and ink, is a whole different level of “wow”. Let me share how I started to the point of where I am now. Though I am still learning and honestly, I feel like I have a long way to go until I can truly say that I am good at it, being committed and actually finding love on what you do is a feeling I want to share with you.

Last September, I enrolled myself on an online calligraphy class at http://www.calligraphy.org. Upon enrolling I ordered their start up kit with a pen holder, nibs, ink and notepad. I was so excited that I started watching their videos right away. Then comes the problem, I don’t know how to do it on my own. I was so frustrated being left handed and not being able to write beautifully the way I imagine it, so I took the easy way out. Give up. But as always, that love pulls me back and made me start over later on. I like how you can take a picture of your homework and a teacher will give you tips on how to improve it. They have a very good customer service too. So, if you are someone who is good at learning things on your own this might be a perfect program for you.

My First Calligraphy homework

Fast forward to February 2018, the thought of learning came back again. That was the time when I was recovering from a miscarriage. The feeling of just being myself and heal through what I do best pushed me to take another chance. Though sometimes,  I think I have been to Pinterest and Instagram too much. Even just watching someone makes flourishes gives me an urge to pick up my pen and try it myself. So, thanks to Google I found http://www.Paperloveme.com. I met Guilissa, she is amazing and she offers private lessons. At first, I shy away from the pointed pen and started to do brush calligraphy. I just don’t want to be disappointed again. Although that lesson jumpstart my hand into having the right pressure on making the thin and thick lines.

From then on, I started practicing everyday and found the courage to enroll on a pointed pen calligraphy. It was totally amazing to have someone do a one on one lesson. I can still hear her voice in my head saying up and down, thin lines and thick lines. Then she has to move to a different state and I found myself practicing everyday on my own. Some days are good and some are bad. I feel stuck at times and there’s many instances I don’t know how to hold my pen right. But the love and peace that I found in doing calligraphy kept me going. It kept me wanting to be better and to do more than what I am comfortable with.

There are moments that I ask myself if this is a waste of time but I truly believe that when you find your passion, you should be willing to sacrifice and give it your best. None of the “it should be easy” thoughts but instead I fill my heart and mind with I can do this and I want to find out where it will take me. I will be sharing my projects more, especially on how I use it on making my duties as a mom colorful but for now I wish we all find what we love and be more joyful with all our life challenges.


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