Always Choose Love

Have you ever found yourself deciding whether to stay calm and collected or yell out of frustration to your 3 year old?

I did.

It is one of the hardest thing in the world. How can I be so tough over someone so little and still learning what the world is all about especially their feelings. But sometimes I have to admit that I am human too and I have my limits even though I am a mom.

You see, I grew up knowing that following your parents and elderly is important. I got spanked, I got yelled at and I experienced sitting down listening to an unending sermon of what I did wrong. There is no reasoning or tantrums can change that in the old times.

So here I am wondering how am I gonna do this. My 3 year old son is starting to learn that he has the right to speak up and be heard too. A lot of times all he says is no. No to going to school. No to vegetables. No to gym class. No to being nice.

The other day I went to his gym class. He was suppose to do things on his own and us parents should just watch. But, he decided to throw a fit and cried until I come sit next to him. I brought him to the restroom to calm him, and honestly, I am reaching my limit. How can he not listen when we had the talk before his class started. My mind is searching all the things I had learned from books and advises on what to say and do. I am panicking because nothing convinces him that he needs to do his class on his own. Finally, I gave in and just sat behind him as he do his exercises while crying. Then, something light up in my mind. What am I doing? He needs my support and love. Finally, I found the courage to give him what he truly needs. After he did his forward roll routine, I opened my arms and catch him as he came running. I gave him a hug and whispered, good job and  I am proud of you. Like magic, he became more confident and started doing things on his own. He even let me sit outside his class.

That was amazing. Many times in my head, I tell myself that I am the parent and I should show authority and power over my kids. Many times I end up being frustrated and disrespected. Then I was reminded by my son that day to always choose love. There is no greater power than love, it is a message to your child that you are there no matter what. That your love is far greater than all their fears and anxiety. So, everyday I promise to myself that I will choose love no matter what.




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