How to start Your Day Right when You are a Busy Mom

I love mornings.

I love waking up early and just enjoying a cup of coffee and a book.

I think mornings are a sign of a new beginning and a reminder that life should not be wasted. Every day seems to be a second chance to be a better person than yesterday.

But it is so easy to waste mornings as mommy responsibilities drowns me as soon as I open my eyes. I do love being a mom. That is why I stopped making excuses instead I fill each day with determination to start my day right. I have read so many tips on how to start your day right but here are my top favorite things to do to jump start my mornings.

1.Get enough sleep

This is no secret. Having enough sleep changes a person perspective about life. Although every mom I know wants to sleep, the urge to finally sit down and be able to browse the internet when the kids sleeps seems to be strong. A lot of times I waste 2 to 3 hours just watching my shows and browsing Facebook. It is so easy to convince yourself to relax and  do nothing when the whole day you were on your feet, running around and constantly busy. Finally, I had to stop. I no longer want to wake up everyday crawling out of bed with a headache. Each night I carefully spend my time on things that are important and make it a point that I go to bed to get my 7 hours of sleep. It is still a work in progress but I am slowly getting there.

2. Plan your day

Yes, I make it a habit that I have my day planned for the next day. It is so easy to forget things when you wake up without a map of your day. Having a plan motivates me to get going. It also gives me the comfort that I will not forget appointments and things that needs to be done. Plus I get to plan a me time even if it’s just me sitting for 15 minutes reading a book. Though I have my day well planned there are times that I have to be flexible and ready for changes. If there is one thing I do best it is to be ready to accept things that I cannot change instead I always prepare myself to find a solution and not waste time crying over spilled milk.

3. Prepare

Another Yes. Get everyone’s outfit ready and involve the whole family in the process. Yes. Lunches and snacks should be ready. And yes, for having that diaper and school bag ready. I believe that being ahead is important, it is such a wonderful feeling when you can sit with the family and have breakfast together because you have prepared the things that you need for the day. Every night I spend that 15-30 minutes to put things together to save myself from the stress of the morning rush.

4. Eat  a Healthy Breakfast

Since having enough energy is important to complete my tasks, eating healthy is a must. I am a sugar junky, I will not deny that but since I learned to eat better especially for my mornings, I felt more motivated to get out of the house and be where I am suppose to be including the gym. I have been struggling to avoid that low energy moment, because I don’t think my kids really get it when I said I am tired. So, everyday I say good morning to eggs, wheat bread, fruits and coffee or tea. And don’t forget your water.

5. Pray/Meditate

There is not greater feeling than to have a moment to reflect and strengthen your inner self. Without stopping and seeing things more clearly, there seems to be no purpose in this busy life. I have to constantly remind myself that I am a mom and I am important to my family. By seeing who I am more than the chores and appointments, my love to what I do grows everyday and what a wonderful feeling it is that every time I hug my kids and my husband I can truly say that I love what I do and who I am.




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