Mom, Please put that Lipstick on

When I was 17 years old, I met a girl who boldly said “You don’t have eyebrows, let’s fix that!” I did end up laughing with her because it’s true. I remembered after my high school yearbook picture got printed, I hid it right away, because I realized I looked weird and yes, it’s the eyebrows. Later on, that girl became my bestfriend throughout Nursing school. It started with the eyebrows then the eyeliner and the lipstick. Everyday I smile each time I remember the girl who changed how I look at myself in the mirror.


When I started working as a nurse, I started in the day shift. In my mind, I am the first person who will get them ready for the day, I just don’t want to scare them or discourage them to go on just because I looked like I am tired already on the beginning of my shift. So, I did wake up earlier to put that make up on. I just want to be the right person to motivate them and make them feel that things will be okay.


Then here comes motherhood. Giving an extra time to fix yourself is such a pain. I prefer to have that extra time to sleep or read my book, which does not happen. Instead I am greeted every morning with a kid sitting on me and saying “good morning, mom”. From the time I get up, it is all about taking care of the family. Long time ago I promised myself that I will get out of the door looking like I got everything together even if I have kids. I am truly having a hard time keeping that promise, a lot of times I don’t know myself anymore. I am like a machine and when everyone is asleep, I realize my day has gone by. That is a sad feeling but it is true.


So, here I am reminding myself to put that lipstick on, it takes a minute. A minute of reminder that being beautiful in the outside is also important. A little time to actually look at yourself in the mirror and see your face light up. Nothing can beat a self talk, telling yourself that you got this and you will keep believing until that day comes.


I will lie if I say that I do not miss sitting in front of the mirror taking all the time to put my make up on. But I see my face differently now, it is a mom surviving everyday. She only have a few minutes to be beautiful but in the eyes of her kids, she is super woman. Let’s love ourselves and let’s not give up.


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