My Mini Mat Story

Sitting down to eat seems to be a distant memory for me. Everyday I see myself running around in the kitchen like a storm. I can think of a million excuses to say but let me share my 3 challenges during meal times. First, running after my 3 year old who decides that sitting down to eat is not really the best thing to do. Second, cooking is like a math problem that I have to actually concentrate to solve, because most of the time one plus one is not the end of it when you are following a recipe. And, third, my 14 month old sometimes decides to play ball with food and that simply means that you will never know when an egg will come flying to you or to make things easier for him the whole plate.

But every mom is truly a super mom. There is nothing that will defeat us, as for me meeting the mini mat is one of my favorite thing during meal time. Aside from the fact that it’s truly sturdy and easy to clean, it came with all the good stuff like being BPA free, hypo-allergenic and does not harbor Bacteria. This little thing reminded me that, one, your kids can stick around during meal time when you actually sit down, just like it’s sticking or suction power to the high chair table. It is truly a learning experience when my son sat down the whole meal because mommy is eating and laughing with him.  Two, it separates food into portions, so they can clearly see their options. Same as we have options to be mad and miserable or to just let go of things we cannot control. And, three, since they have options (healthy choices of course), they have the power to choose what they eat. Yes, we have to remember and to teach out kids that we have the freedom to choose what we want to be in life.

As I always say one of the greatest strength of a mom is her love for her family. Every day is an adventure filled with challenges but the most beautiful thing about it is you get to appreciate little things that made every struggle easier to overcome.

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