5 Things I love about My Planner

I have always been a big planner fan. Although I would have to say I never truly use it. I would fill out a few pages and that is the end of it. Probably because they are too cute and you do look like a more organize person when you have one (ha!). But now that I think about it most of the planners that I choose, does not really match what I am looking for. There are times that I stare on this piece of paper not having enough space to squeeze my schedule or I just end up using another notebook to spell out my day or my projects. In the end, I just let it go. I end up relying on an empty paper, spilling my thoughts and rewriting my calendar.

Then, here comes motherhood. It’s amazing what a mom needs to accomplish in a day. I see myself as a mom trap in a routine of house work, kids time, family time and appointments. The list could go on, but I think you get what I mean. It is so overwhelming that sometimes I wonder where do I squeeze my time for myself.

But I think what makes a mom a super woman is she understands that there is a power behind time management and setting priorities. Every mom seems to give that impression that anything can be done, of course with hardwork and lots of patience. For the past 3 years that I have been a mom, my planner has been my partner. I am grateful that I have found the right one for me. Here are the 5 things that I love about my planner.




The Monthly Calendar

This is a basic feature of every planner. Although I put my appointments in my phone so I could coordinate better with my husband. I use my monthly calendar more for house work that I need to keep up with. I have been breaking my chores into small task and this part of my planner helps me keep track of what I have done. This is also a good place to right things that you want to accomplish every month, whether to make a birthday album or plan the next vacation.


Weekly Planner and Goal setting

Aside from being able to fully see my busy week, the time blocking feature allows me to plan my time for every item I have on my to do list. Being able to see how much time I have for my appointments or family time, allows me to set time not only for the rest of my I-need-to-finish-list but also it gives me a clear picture to see where I can have some me time. The goal setting page that allows you to write your top tasks for the week gives you focus on what has to be done first.


Being able to breathe and reflect seems to be impossible when being a mom means an endless run towards the finish line with two kids hanging on my waist. But being able to sit every night and have a space to write my struggles and memories gives me a more positive outlook about my life. It allows me to step back and see what is more important amidst all the challenges that I have to go through everyday.

Project Planner

Yes. A page that goes down into details whether you are planning to organize a part of the house or a birthday party for the third time this year. Having everything in one place allows you to see what needs a follow up by setting your due date and even a space for budgeting to keep an eye on your expenses.

Habit Tracker

On this page I focus on two things that I need the most, sleep and exercise. Being able to cross out how many times I slept early or went to the gym encourages me to do more and keep up with it. It is a constant reminder that it is possible to improve and be healthier in the process.

I know that we have our own ways of getting things done whether it could be with a planner or without it, but let’s not forget that it is possible not to drown from all our life challenges. If life gets overwhelming, let’s do something about it. A simple planner can be a baby step that you need to keep things in order. As I have said before, there are far more important things in life than our to do list. If we can manage things little by little, maybe we can finally sit down and appreciate more what we have in our lives. Be a little more organize, be a little more happier everyday.


PS. If you like this planner and you want to get more advise on being a mom with a passion visit this website: http://www.brilliantbusinessmoms.com




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