What I Learned from Playing with my Kids

I would have to admit that a lot of times when I have to play with my kids my mind flies to my to do list. There are so many instances that I ask myself why I am stuck here while I have to do the dishes or cook dinner. But I think being a parent teaches us that there are far more important things in life than finishing every single task that you have listed. As I watched my kids grow I realized that I should stop wasting my time worrying and start appreciating my kids more. Someday I will look back and I don’t want to tell myself that I wish I played with my kids more. So, here I am as wonder woman ordering a cheeseburger on a play food truck with my spiderboy son and my 1 year old drooling all over the Lego on the floor.

Honestly, my husband plays and have fun with the kids far better than me. Probably because I am a write -it- down- and- I- will- do- it- person. I am so focus on what I have to do that I forget to stop and look around. That changed when I had my boys. They have so much energy that I end up going to the gym and get stronger to catch up with them. They even became my best teacher when we play. Here are a few things that they reminded me to do.


Yes, phone can wait. I say this because I tend to look at my phone to check what I have to do or do a quick look on Facebook when we go out. Instead of being present and actually appreciated what is right in front of you. I know I am not alone when we are in the playground and almost everybody is on their phone taking pictures, editing and sharing it to the world. Important, especially if it’s for relatives who are far away, but it can wait. How about walking around hand in hand and discover with your child that it’s okay to get your hands wet and dirty. Or finding out that a slide is actually fun. That you can fly when you sit on the swing. Things that I get to try when my son have to say “Come mom!”

Be what you dreamed of

This one is precious to me. My son likes to play as a fire fighter, a builder, a superhero and of course a doctor and yes, I am the nurse taking care of his patients. Just like what I do in real life. This reminds me that when I was young I want to be everything I dreamed of, then it gets harder in school, there is no time to do what you love, the world seems to be in your shoulder that you just want to give up. Although I can say that became what I have written I would be when I was twelve, I am still working on reaching my dreams. The beautiful thing about life is it’s full of chances and it is up to us to grab it. What makes this lesson so precious to me is it brought back memories of my parents giving me so much trust and love that in the end I actually kept believing that I can do anything. I want my children to feel the same, that they can be what they dreamed of, that they can reach their goals and they are not alone.

Let's Play
I am a fire fighter!

Have fun

This is a hard one, especially when I remember myself sitting in a restaurant with a baby pulling on my hair and a toddler trying to get out of his chair to run around. But a play will never be complete without the fun. We have to laugh and be silly.  It changes how your child looks at you in a few minutes that you pretend to be a dragon chasing little power ranger in the living room. That few minutes that your son actually teaches you how to laugh and forget any burden that is weighing you down. I think that’s what makes playing magical.

Let's play

Everyday I remind myself not to forget what my kids are trying to teach me. Someday I want to be able to sit down and tell myself that I played with my kids as much as I can. They have been my teacher, my dream and my inspiration.

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