A Mommy reads

I have sought peace everywhere, and found it only with a book, in a nook

– Thomas a Kempis


I always remember my 13 year old self when I read. I see myself in my bed reading the whole day and having a headache after. It seems like those moments are my escape for the changes that is happening in my life and the pressure to be good no matter what. It is wonderful to be away from life’s challenges while reading but I think the most beautiful thing is growing as you open your mind to new ideas and different opinions.

Honestly, for a moment in my life I let go of having the time to read. I ran out of patience flipping the pages and not finding out what I need right away. I rely too much on the internet but mostly wasting my time because I get side track with social media and all other things that is so easy to access.

Then I became a mom. So in control and yet so lost. I have so many questions in my mind and I just need peace. I just need patience to learn and grow as a mom, as a person. That moment reminded me that reading had taught me patience, had helped me grow. So everyday, even though it’s a struggle I tried to read a page or two on my Nook and tried to get back on my feet. So I am sharing the 3 books that helped me get by.


This book reminded me to start my day with a prayer. It contains short bible verses and prayers. Everyday it allowed me to reflect and remember to choose love first at all times. 


A book of interior design that is made especially for homes with kids. What I really loved about this book is it teaches you how to have a beautiful home but at the same time kid friendly. It also has a lot of memories from the author and family fun ideas.



This is obviously a parenting book. Although there are things I would say I don’t agree on, most of the things I read validates how I feel about discipline and expectations to my kids. It is a book built in love and trust towards yourself and your kids. It is not an answer to all our parenting problem but it is a guide to better parenting.

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