I Got this!

So here I am finally sitting down at Starbucks, all ready to have some me time after dropping my son at preschool. My 7-month-old is sound asleep in the stroller. How nice it is to have a sip of coffee and be able to read a book in peace. I can be me for a little bit, no  one calling me mommy, no chores to do. Although there is an urge inside of me to open my to do list, I resisted it and totally forgot about it as I drink my coffee. Then there it is, that small cry, signaling that my baby boy is starting to wake up, I tried to concentrate and move the stroller back and forth. Nope, that didn’t do anything, still crying and getting my attention. I took out his bottle and yes, he is all wide awake ready for a snack. He gobbles his milk effortlessly and as soon as he is done he look at me with a smile. Two minutes pass and he seems to be entertained with his surroundings and there it is again his cry for attention. I finally gave in and pick him up. Now, all eyes on me as I play with my cute baby. An old lady right in front of me, watching like a hawk and probably thinking I am doing things wrong. Another mom on my side, soothing her baby, it feels like a competition and all I need is a banner and cheerleaders. Still, playing with Norrin is all I need to make this moment perfect as he looks at me while laughing. Then it happened, I felt the familiar warmth on my belly. Although my smile never left my face, I know Norrin peed on me. I was ready to run out of there, but thank goodness for all the 10 years of experience at work, I mastered controlling my facial expressions and actions. I pulled my yoga pants to my belly to cover my misery, placed my son back to his stroller and walked out like nothing happened. Most of the time you can never get that perfect moment for yourself or keep things under control all the time. But really, I am a mom and no matter how things are not perfect, we are prepared, we handle things with our love because we got this!

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