Dear Tired Self

Dear Tired Self,

You have been browsing the internet for the last hour. Checked your Facebook, Pinterest and Google, then Refresh. You don’t really have a plan. You don’t have the motivation to do anything. You are just sitting there wondering if you can borrow a magic wand and make all the dishes in the sink disappear, the baby’s bottles clean itself or the laundry washed instantly and walk back to the drawers. It’s impossible I know, but a girl can dream.

But where have you been the whole day? I opened my eyes and saw  my kids smile and my husband giving me a hug and you weren’t there. I changed diapers 10 times and brought my toddler to the bathroom multiple times. I cooked, cleaned and play at the same time. Still, you were not there. I felt like I can do anything with just 4 hours of sleep. It’s impossible I know, but I can be wonder woman at times.

Now it’s quiet, the day is ending. Kids are in bed. I need to catch up with my chores and there you are. Reminding me that I have a limit. That I can stop and slow down now. You took my hand and sat me down, you told me I can turn my back from all the things I need to do and just do what I like. So here I am in front of my computer, miserable.

So, I stand up and left you. I struggled to finish my chores. It is not easy but I want to wake up the next day with the house clean and ready. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s not do this again. Let’s sleep. Let’s be healthy. Let’s follow our routine and have discipline. Let’s pray for strength to overcome every challenge. Let’s love ourselves and feel good.



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