Label it!

How to organize? Declutter. Decide what to keep, donate, throw away. Choose the right place or storage. Then what? Sometimes, we are too busy putting away things that we actually forget where it is or what is in that box. This happened to me so many times that I end up going back to my clutter as I focus on putting away things and not really knowing the purpose of my space or storage boxes.

Labeling made it easier. Saves me time finding things and it is a constant reminder that everything has a home. Knowing the purpose of my space encourages me to keep up with my organizing and of course, clean up is faster especially when half the time I am chasing my 2-year-old around the room.

Here are my favorite labels in action.

  1. Although I bought this Label Maker even before I had kids, I never really used it until now. It is very handy in the kitchen and it saves me from writing on my son’s lunch box or water bottle that he brings in school. You can even get it wet several times. It has different styles and fonts too.


2. Chalk labels are both functional and stylish. Use a chalk marker to save yourself from the mess and whatever your handwriting looks like, it’s  still amazing with this style.


3. Metal Bin labels became my friend as I use storage bins more. It gives a more classic feel.


4. This self-adhesive Whiteboard Label is my favorite for large plastic bins in our home supply cabinet. You can easily rewrite your label if needed and it creates a cleaner look.


How about you what is your favorite label style?

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