What is a mom to wear

What is a mom to wear when she has 1 minute to choose her clothes, 2 minutes to put it on and if it’s one of her easier days she has 5 minutes to put makeup on. She tried waking up early so she can have time for herself but it seems impossible getting ready with her long to do list and potty training as the highlight of the day. The moment she saw herself in the mirror she reminisces her life before having kids.

She remembers taking long showers. She remembers trying 3 different outfits because she is unsure of herself. She remembers an hour of putting makeup on just to achieve a perfect skin look. It seems like 2 hours of getting ready is not a waste of time instead it is necessary. Just to look good, just to look perfect for the world.

But after two kids it seems like 2 minutes is all she has. She is always on the move. Always getting ready. Being prepared for her family is more important than a perfect face and a perfect hair. Outfits are down to leggings and the first top that she can get her hands on. Gone is her longing for having a perfect self.

Still, she laughs at how silly that she straighten her hair and end up just tying it or how tired her eyes are. It is because she is sure that she loves being a mom. She is sure that she can be there for her kids. She is sure that she can be someone her husband can talk to and depend on.

But the question remains, what is a mom to wear with all the chaos that she has in her mind. With all the chores that she has to do or dinners that she has to cook. She looked away from the mirror, with a smile and quickly chose the same style as yesterday. In her mind, as she is rushing is the thought that tomorrow she will try harder to give herself time. To choose her clothes the night before. To wake up a little earlier to have time to read and have coffee even for 10minutes. She will not give up on the battle of not losing herself. She will continue to be a better version of herself because really no matter how old you are or how much you have to do, you are still that little girl who likes to play dress up and look perfect.



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