What is a mom to do


What is a mom to do, when she fed her new baby at 4am and her other son wakes her up at 630 AM? She wants to wake up before her kids but she is too exhausted. She wants to sleep for 5 more minutes but her son keeps sitting on her face. This is what she does, she opens her eyes and asks for a good morning kiss.

What is a mom to do, when her son don’t want to eat breakfast and won’t participate in getting ready? She turns a dance music on and becomes a rockstar in the kitchen. She even becomes a dance partner to her toddler who just wants a hug all the time.

What is a mom to do, when she’s all alone and her chores are piling up and all her kid wants to do is to play and be held? She put on her I can do this face and chase her child around the house. They laugh together and play as if she has all the time in the world.

What is a mom to do, when she needs to feed her family and she doesn’t really like to cook? She researches online and buys all the easy recipe books to learn. She tries not to jump every time the heated cooking oil comes her way. She wishes she could focus more on cooking but all her 2-year-old wants is to be her assistant. But when it is time to eat, her heart melts when everyone enjoys the food and her husband has seconds even though it is too salty.

What is a mom to do, when she drops off her son to preschool and he cries all the time? She blinks several times to hide her own tears, the same way she does when she sees him getting hurt from falling or bumping his head. The same way she does when he cries because he is frustrated or disappointed. The same way she does when she yells at him out of exhaustion from asking him to obey several times. Her pain seems to be doubled compared to what her child goes through. But when she sees him well adjusted in school and say goodbye, when she sees him show courage on trying again, she feels proud.

What is a mom to do when every night her baby wants to be cuddled and all the books say to sleep train? She holds her baby because she can’t watch him cry. She suddenly has the energy when in reality she is tired. When the baby finally sleeps, she looks at him and her snoring toddler with a smile, no signs of regret only a memory that someday she will go back to, when her kids grow up.

What is a mom to do, when she doubts herself and questions what she knows? She reads all types of books about parenting. She finds in her heart the love that her parents planted. She prays. When another day comes, she opens her eyes again to be a better mom, to be a better person. For in her journey as a parent, what is a mom to do but to love unconditionally.



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