How I see life as an omelette


I know I am not alone when I say life is an omelette. Probably because a lot of people can relate on what an egg has to go through to be a tasty, delicious omelette. Seems so perfect and easy but not really if you see the whole process.

As I have said before I am no chef but I love to cook eggs in the morning. I guess that is the reason I acquire some skills on how to make an omelette. It was the first dish that I made my husband when we were dating to show off my cooking skills, not really a dish but he is loving enough to appreciate my burnt omelette. But let me share to you my easy recipe and how I see life in it.

Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients

Yes, we have to prepare for our future. We have to aim for our dreams and work hard to get it. Our parents are our first teacher. Then we go to school, sing  abc, count 1 to 10. Choose a degree that you truly love or what your parents wants for you. I remember sitting outside the room waiting to take my entrance test for nursing. Not fully prepared, just challenging the saying “if it’s meant for you no matter what it’s yours”. I have to say, it worked. Still, I have to give my all to finish college and be ready to the challenges up ahead.

Step 2: Beat the egg. Season with salt and pepper

Well, this process says it all. I know we are beaten by failures, feelings of insecurities and more negative emotions as we grow but we see it more when we walk the world alone. Our parents no longer there to walk us to our classroom as we go to our first job interview. Our teachers and classmates are no longer there to say this might be the best answer. Just ourselves, our knowledge and our courage.

Step 3: Pour the egg on the heated pan or sautee your vegetables first or add cheese 

Beaten, now we have to bear the heat or the pain of learning about life. It is not always sweet and easy, the best lessons we learned are from experiences that puts us down. We cry, we feel defeated but the process of being cooked to perfection and being worthy to be served will not stop. We even decide to add all kinds of ingredients in our lives like marriage, having a family, more education and promotion at work, all so we can find our purpose. Sometimes we put too much, we no longer taste the egg, we no longer recognize ourselves.

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy!

We might feel lost and discourage at times but we can make it. Our path is set and it’s up to us to take it. We are blessed everyday and most of the time we don’t recognize it. So, stop and just be grateful. Serve others, be kind and understanding. Serve yourself, be forgiving, laugh and love a lot. Pray and listen, it gives peace and direction. So, sit down, take a deep breath, smile and enjoy your masterpiece.

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