Our dining room story


Once upon a time our dining room is not really my priority. I believe that whatever we have I should make it work and just go on with life. Until two princes came and that totally change my vision on how I want to live, well not only in our dining room but the whole of me. But let me start with this favorite room of mine. The room that taught me to be more organize and focus on what is more important in life.

Before and After



Allow me to say that I am no interior decorating expert, so I am very thankful when I was able to work with Angela from Purple wall.com (unfortunately, the site is no longer available but you can still reach Angela www.AsDesignedInteriors.com). But I am proud to say that organizing is my favorite thing to do, just hard to keep up when you are drowning with responsibilities. This is one of the reason I asked for change, I want a room that is both functional and beautiful. Here’s why I fell in love with my dining room.

The command center.

Believe me when I say I love to write everything from my to do list, grocery list, how my day goes,to what we spend. My mini command center allowed me to view my list and schedules easily. Also, my cubby is within reach to organize everything whether my mails or my son’s art work. No activity will be forgotten or keys misplaced.

A place for creativity and play

This is the busiest place in the house as it is connected to our kitchen. I realize that I can’t keep running back and fourth to the living room while cooking (no, I am not a good cook) or while cleaning the kitchen. I wanted a place where that kids can play or color while I concentrate on following a step on a recipe. Truly, the new dining set was a great help it serves as our coloring table and Lego area. With the bench and long table, our dining room became more spacious and at the same time created alot of opportunities for me and my son to do things. It is easy to clean too.

A place to sit together and create memories

One of my favorite thing to do is to sit on the bench with my son. It allows us to be closer in a way that we can give each other endless hugs. Now that I am older I want to share to my kids one of the most precious memory that I have as a kid and that is eating together with the family. No matter how hard your day is when we talk about it everything seems to be better.

Truly, change is one of the hardest thing to do. Either too much work or just impossible. But with enough motivation and help there is no such thing as impossible. Whatever you have on your checklist or wishlist you can do it, love it, embrace it.





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